Join Us

We are an incredibly enthusiastic and friendly bunch of chums who wholeheartedly welcome new members young and old. Fear not if you have little or no Morris experience; our members range from very experienced to complete novices. We will do our best to merrily lick you into shape as quickly as you can handle, and as a new side, all of the dances are (unsurprisingly) new to us as well! All we ask is that you are over 18 and looking to have a cracking time, and there you go, Bob’s your uncle.*  

* Some sort of ability to maintain a beat and count steps may be advantageous, though.

We practice every Monday evening at 20:00 at:

The George Vaults (downstairs, in the actual vaults!)

35 High St

There are several car parks in the close vicinity which will set you back no more than £1.40 for the evening, which is pretty much splendiferous, and parking is free after 22:00.  Alternatively, we are a 10 minute walk from both Rochester and Strood train stations (a map is located at the bottom of this page).

If One should decide to sate One’s curiosity and One wishes to come along and investigate further, then please ring the mobile cellular telephonic device using the number 07989 519476 to:
a) confirm that practice is indeed still happening, 

b) to obtain directions if One gets lost, or 
c) simply to ask any relevant or pertinent questions. 

Alternatively, please feel free to email us beforehand so we can have a pint waiting for you when you get there, or just show up when you're ready and we'll take you through the basics. We always love seeing new faces, so don't be shy!

 * As a reminder, we will post any cancelled practice nights on Twitter, so at the very least, don't forget to check that before you head out. We would feel just terrible if you made the effort to join us, only to find that we've all come down with tennis elbow at the same time or something. Tally Bally Ho!!